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MYA Hookah Blog


Too hot for hookah?  Cool down with MYA!   What do you do when it just seems too hot to handle hookah? This unique MYA® invention will help you cool things down. The “chilled hookah” is a great way to beat the heat.  This increasingly popular effect is typically achieved by adding ice to the water in the base.  As simple as it sounds, dealing with ice can be quite a hassle.  The water level need... Read More

Hookah Shisha Flavors and Drink Pairings

Finding the perfect hookah flavor and beverage combination is like pairing wine and food. The flavors should compliment each other and give a full bodied experience. What do you drink with your favorite hookah flavors? These are some of our favorite shisha and drink combinations.   Mint Shisha Everyone loves the refreshing taste of mint. Pair with iced tea or lemonade on a summer night. Apple Shisha Apple tobacco and fruit juice –... Read More

Six Reasons Why You Should Build A Custom Hookah

Hookah smoking is a social activity, but your personal hookah should fit your individuality. Mya Hookah lets you be in control of your hookah. With us, you can choose your hookah base, stem, tray, burner, hose, and hookah case. Why should you build a custom hookah? Express your individuality! Blue base with a red stem? You make the call. It’s EASY. Mya’s builder makes the process simple with several options to choose from.... Read More


Here at MYA we have really BIG news to share! It has been so hard waiting to announce this….. Are you as pumped as we are?  ….We hope so because the MX is finally here!!!!!!! As I am sure you know we at MYA pride ourselves on innovation in the hookah industry. We are always looking for ways to reinvent and revolutionize the hookah for our clientele. We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate the needs of smokers around th... Read More

How To Set Up A Hookah - Mya Mikro

 In some ways, the Mya Mikro is like any other hookah. You want the water to be about 1 to 1 ½” up the downstem. As you can see in the picture, it’s about where my finger is on the vase. Then, you replace the stem. It’s easiest if you put the gasket on the base and then push the stem on.     Now comes the fun part, packing the bowl. Unlike your standard Mya Bowl, this one sits... Read More

How To Pack A Bowl

MYA Saray actually has several different kinds of tobacco Bowls, or Burners as we call them. The standard Egyptian bowl, the large Egyptian bowl, the Rock Burner, the Clay Egyptians, and the Lebanese bowl (which is just a male version of the Egyptian), and several specialty bowls that come with such hookahs as the Mozza and the Mikro. With the exception of the Rock Burner, which is actually a slight variation of a Phunnel bowl, with a center hole and... Read More

Mya Hookah History

The History of Mya Hookah How many times have you purchased a product and wondered what the history behind that product or company is? Or perhaps you are like myself and just often want to know why you should buy from one company instead of another. With the Hookah culture being so popular and mainstream today, there are hundreds of companies out there to buy from. By the end of this post, I hope to give you some hookah facts that will make you the M... Read More
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