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Mya QT 265-100

SKU# QT-265-110

The Mya QT Comes with a Thick Glass Base, Chrome / Stainless Steel Stem, Tobacco Burner, Matching Leather Hose, Chrome Plate and Tongs. When it comes to classic hookahs, the Mya QT shows style and charm, best best of all - quality and durability.

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MYA QT Classic Hookahs

The MYA QT is a Piece of Art.  This 14 inch tall MYA QT S-Class is Packaged in a Wire Basket, making it easy to carry along with you. The portable and durable hookah is one of the top in the market of it's kind.  Our QT Hookah is one of our most popular hookahs, providing high quality at a low price. Big things can come in small packages, and the Mya QT proves it. 

Ready to show off this beautiful Mya QT hookah to all of your friends? Just add this amazing hookah to your shopping cart and you'll be on your way. You don't want to miss out on this great deal to get everything you need included in one low price. We also provide very fast shipping, so we will get you smoking your hookah as soon as possible!

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Customer Reviews

This hookah is all you need for a personal hookah. This is the model that is used and rented in most clubs in New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic. Its Smoth, Small, and Beautiful. Hevay duty material that will give you garuntted satisfaction! Must have!!!

MYA Saray QT is the best small hookah

The QT is my favorite small hookah.It works great and produces great clouds considering the small size. Highly recommended.

Top of the line hookah

This is hands down the best small hookah I've used. I've had the QT for about 2 years and just bought another one in a different color. Smooth draw. Nice and easy to tag along to go to a friend's house. MYA customer service is great and the shipping is quite fast.

Love it!

Let me start off by saying this is probably the best beginner hookah you can get for this price. Right out of the box (or cage) it hits very well, produces pretty decent clouds, and is a very easy setup. It's the perfect size and it doesn't look half bad either. Now on to the cons (kind of): 1. The bowl is too deep for my liking, but overall it's not terrible. 2. The hose is good quality but is a little constricted, but that's coming from someone used to Nammors. 3. tongs kind of suck for lighting and holding QL, they're fine for moving coals around. Overall I'd still give this thing a 5/5, would definitely buy again. And as for myahookah.com, excellent customer service and insanely quick shipping.

My little buddy.

I've owned this model for about a year now. It is perfect for me when I want to just have a nice relaxing smoke session. I have the Dark blue, and it looks fantastic sitting on my desk. I have also added some upgrades, and these include Mya: Rock Burner (and Rocks, the god father aka Spearmint. so good), hose adapter to allow visitors to join me, and freeze hoses. I would recommend this hookah if space is an issue, or you want a travel hookah. It really is a great size and is fantastic.

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