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Hookah Shisha Flavors and Drink Pairings-DELETE

9/20/2016 8:04:04 AM
Finding the perfect hookah flavor and beverage combination is like pairing wine and food. The flavors should compliment each other and give a full bodied experience. What do you drink with your favorite hookah flavors? These are some of our favorite shisha and drink combinations.

hookah shisha flavor and drink combinations

Mint Shisha

Everyone loves the refreshing taste of mint. Pair with iced tea or lemonade on a summer night.

Apple Shisha

Apple tobacco and fruit juice – think apple, pineapple, and cranberry – pair well together. In the fall, pair with apple cider.

Strawberry Shisha

Try lemonade, limeade, or iced tea.

Traditional Shisha

Not a flavor fan? Coffee is a great companion to traditional tobacco. Light beer goes great, too.

What are your favorite hookah and drink combinations?

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