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At MYA we are always looking for ways to reinvent and revolutionize the hookah industry. We take pride in our ability to anticipate the needs of Hookah lovers around the globe, offering a plethora of styles and designs for customers to choose from ensuring our products are keeping us ahead of the game.

So now, we’d like to introduce the newest addition to the line of products offered
by Mya Hookah in the USA.
MX grp-1.jpg

Meet the MX2000 and MX4000, made exclusively by MYA SARAY. The MX is no exception to our philosophy of making concepts a reality. This majestic narghile is handcrafted with true precision resulting in a finished piece that is bigger, bolder, and bubblier than ever. Large and luxe, this behemoth is definitely the first of it’s kind even for MYA! After the huge success and demand overseas we are proud to announce we are bringing our MX sitewide.

The MX 2000 and the MX4000 are sure to turn heads and would make a grand addition to any connoisseur’s collection.  MYA’s MX is a blend of the old and the new world. The fluid curves of the mouth blown glass base are juxtaposed by the hard edged angles creating a striking silhouette that is sure to catch an eye or two. The MX is a testimony to design and engineering that will stand alone in any environment, which makes it perfect for any social gathering. It was made to ensure quality in each and every detail that translates from the first look to the last draw.

The MX is filled with innovation. There are various things that make our MYA MX the massivest one on the market, starting by its enormous  size designed to hold up to four hoses leaving no room for anybody to miss on this new experience. This high quality Bohemian piece will resist anything from drops, to temperature changes. MX 2000 (the stems have 6 color options) with a variety of colors/ designs to choose from. Both MX models come with standard features; including a multi hose valve system with the ability to be modified to accommodate up to four smokers at a time, a three chambered plate, and our brand new silicone hose.  As with all MYA products, the MX models have been carefully engineered for optimum functionality and feature the patented MYA screw-on base; ensuring you have an airtight seal resulting in the best pull possible! This regal nargileh boasts a wider stem and ports along with a diffuser at the base of the downtube that facilitates the most smooth, sensuous smoking experience imaginable. MX confetti FOUR GRP-1.jpg

The MX is the perfect centerpiece for any type of decor and the perfect narghile to gather around and relax while making memories. Not to mention this colorful and customizable hookah can be tailored to suit your style and personality, thus making it the perfect addition to any hookah lovers collection.  We have made this signature MYA accessible and available online (link) We have also implemented MYA’s first Custom Hookah Builder which will allow you to play with our designs and create your own piece of art.

MX Kamikazi.jpg

This beauty requires a bit of assembly but is sure to astound!!!

We at MYA love to let our customers imagination know no

limits with what they are able to create, we love personal expression through our narghiles.


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