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Mya Hookah History


Hookah from scratch

Hookah has had a great evolution since it first emerged in the 1500’s. The idea of Hookah emerged with Indian Dr. Hakim Abul Bateh concerns about the rapid growth of tobacco consumption and the increasing health risks associated with it. Dr Bateh idea of a hookah had the purpose of purifying the smoke by passing it through the water, which would reduce smoking health risks. .

Since its immersion, Hookahs have been a popular tradition amongst many cultures. The first Hookahs were made out of wood and coconut shells, later on they took on more decorative and sophisticated designs and forms. Each culture added its own twist and originality to the Hookah tradition, until it became almost a ritual at social gatherings. Hookah’s popularity resulted in enormous changes and customization's. From taller stems and new hand crafted vases with delicate patterns to flavored tobacco procedures. Today Hookahs are part of most social gatherings across the world, rapidly gaining popularity in America; and MYA has played an important role in this evolution of changes and rapid growth. From creating patented mouth blown designs in different sizes and shapes, to creating the first Hookah builder. MYA’s extensive variety of designs and accessories allow any hookah lover to customize pieces that speak their aesthetic.

If you are interested in learning more and having a MYA Hookah experience before buying, Visit our “lounge locator” where you will find your closest MYA Hookah lounge. At our MYA hookah lounges you’ll find many of our Hookah’s and accessories, allowing you to be ready for your first MYA purchase.

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