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Hookah/Shisha Bowls

Tobacco Hookah Bowl


Hookah Bowls by Mya Saray

Mya manufactures high quality Hookah bowls. We make our shisha bowls, sometimes referred to as tobacco bowls, with the highest quality porcelain and clay. Our porcelain burners come in different sizes and an array of colors. Our clay bowls have a beautiful natural look and there are 2 sizes available on our website. The Mya Mozza bowl is made specifically for the Mya Mozza hookah, and it can not be used with other normal Myas. The Mya Mikro bowl is made for the Mya Mikro and it can be used for one of our newest hookahs - the Coppa

Please note that there are two different styles of hookah bowls, so make sure you get the one that is right for your hookah. There are the Egyptian Shisha Bowl style and the Lebanese style. The Egyptian style bowls are made to fit over top of the stem of the hookah and the Lebanese is made to set inside of the stem. See example images below.

Eqyptian Bowl = Female

mya hookah tobacco bowl - Egyptian bowl

Eqyptian Stem = Male

Egyptian style hookah stem

Lebanese Bowl = Male

shisha bowl - lebanese bowl bale

Lebanese Stem = Female

hookah stem


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