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mya hookah vapor stones

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Try Our Hookah Vapor Stones!

Mya hookah now offers a variety of different hookah vapor stone flavors. Our Mya Rocks are now discontinued, so buy them at a discount before they are all gone! The Mya Peblz are our new and improved version of the Mya Rocks, with stronger flavors.

So what are hookah vapor stones? The vapor stones are said to be a healthier alternative to smoking traditional hookah shisha. Rather than inhaling actual smoke, the vapor hydro stones heat up and produce a flavored steam (or vapor) from the liquid that the stone are soaked in. Mya's vapor stones are make to be nicotine free and only produce flavored vapor, so if you are a traditional hookah smoker, this may not be the product for you. If you enjoy smoking hookah, but you are concerned about the health risks or nicotine, this is the product for you.

We recommend using a vortex style hookah bowl to heat up your stones in order to produce the thickest clouds. For a quick video tutorial of how to set up your hookah vapor stones for the best results, check out the video below.



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